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Your tasks as a responsible parent never end. You have to take care of every small detail of their lives. However, there is one main area that requires especial attention: school.

At school, they will not only learn to read and write, but they will also acquire social skills and other tools that are necessary for their growth. Teachers play a fundamental role in the development of each student.

At The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, TX, we know it’s important to establish an open communication with the people who know about the academic achievement of your children.Don’t forget to ask these simple questions next time you meet your child’s teacher.

How Are my Child´s Social Skills?

You already know how your child behaves at home, but at school it’s a whole different story. Is your child being bullied? Does he daydream? All these things affect not only the grades of your child, but also other important areas.

What is His/Her Learning Style?

There are three learning styles; visual, auditory and tactile. Although you may already know which one suits you children, it’s good to have confirmation from the teacher. That way, you will be able to create a safe environment at home, where your children can practice their weaker styles. Plus, you can give them test taking tips.

What do you Need to Know About my Child?

Partner up with your child’s teacher! You can provide them helpful information that can help them understand the situation of your child.

How Can I Help You?

Let the teacher know you support their work. By asking this question, you will be opening a dialogue, that benefits your child.  Especially, if they recommend to get an external tutor.

These simple questions will give you an idea how your children behaves at school.

If the teacher considers your child needs extra help and you are looking for tutors in Sugar Land. Try The Tutoring Center! Our comprehensive programs will provide the resources that will improve your child’s academic skills.

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