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The importance of reading can’t be overstated, as it expands the vocabulary and boosts cognitive skills. Pus, it’s no secret that literacy improves your children’s work opportunities in the future. Theses are just a few benefits of reading on a regular basis, however you shouldn’t forget to create a reading environment at home, as it enhances your children’s reading abilities. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, we prepared the following post containing useful advice on setting up the right reading environment.

Reading Nook

It’s important that you find a space in your home intended for reading only, and your children should claim it, as it will create an association that will set the right mindset to read. It’s highly recommended there are no electronic devices in the area and it’s located away from any noisy streets. Don’t forget to remove distractions and have plenty space, so your children can keep all their books in one place. 


The attention and alertness while reading is linked to the reading position. Remember that a comfortable position can put your children to sleep, which is fine in case your goal is to allow them relax after a long day. However, a comfortable chair is also needed to prevent injuries and other overuse problems. Keep in mind that a cool temperature is also important to keep your children awake. 


The spot you choose as a reading space, should be close to a window, so it has plenty natural light. Don’t forget that you should also include a lamp to prevent eye fatigue. Also, take your children to the optometrist to get their vision checked.

These are just some ideas that will create an unbeatable reading environment at home and will make this important activity even more pleasant. If your children are reluctant to grab a book, be sure to read our guide on motivating young readers

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