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Around this time of year, many children are considering their future careers and applying for college. Taking the SAT is a vital step in this process, and we’re sure you want to do all you can to help your child secure a good result. The SAT’s writing section is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice section and an essay question. Today, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land would like to offer some pointers on how your child can achieve a great score in the essay writing section.

The essay section is only 25 minutes long, the questions are broad, and this very short period of time can have a big impact on your child’s score.The short time is also the reason many students slip up. Make sure your child understands what’s expected of them; they aren’t expected to write a novel or an exceedingly complex argument. Instead, they should focus on trying to provide a clear argument for the point they are making. It’s a good idea to read up beforehand, so that they can show their knowledge of, for example, classic works of literature, current affairs, philosophy, and so forth.

The best possible thing your child can do to ace the essay writing section is to practice, practice, practice. Practice will help them get a feel for what writing for 25 minutes feels like, so they will know instinctually how much time they have during the test. It will also help them learn to quickly structure arguments they have not previously considered into coherent, cohesive wholes. Explain that a good essay needs an obvious beginning, middle and end, consisting of a statement of their argument, their reasoning and/or evidence, and their conclusion. Practicing writing structured essays will help this come naturally.

Focusing on any weaknesses is a good idea to iron out anything that might hurt their score. If your child struggles a little with grammar, make sure to dedicate a little more time to focusing on that. Learning some impressive vocabulary is a good way to provide a little extra boost to their score, too, though it’s important that they avoid using words they don’t fully understand in case they misuse them.

Crucially, whilst taking the test, your childs needs not to hesitate. Being unsure of themselves is natural, but if it stops them writing for just a few minutes, their score will inevitably suffer. Help them relax before the test and provide encouragement, and reassure them that given how hard they’ve studied, their essay is sure to be great.

One way you can help your child excel at the SAT is by arranging for them to have one-to-one tutoring focused on exam preparation and technique. The Tutoring Center offer a SAT/ACT Test Prep program that provides just this, and we can also support your child with any academic area of difficulty. Call (281) 980-1242 to arrange tutoring in Sugar Land today.


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