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If your children are in high school, you have probably heard them talk about the SAT very often. Behind these three letters, there is an aptitude test that is a major cause of stress and anxiety for many students.

If you don’t know much about this examination, The Tutoring Center in Sugarland, TX has prepared this post that will provide you basic information about the test.

What is It?

The SAT is a test that is accepted practically in every higher education institution in America, as a part of the application process.  It measures the reading, writing and mathematical abilities of a prospective student, and it makes sure that the candidate has the skills and knowledge to successfully obtain a degree. Plus, it’s a good score that can translate into scholarships.

When to take it?

Many students take the test during fall of their junior year. Keep in mind that the exam is offered seven times every year, and it takes three weeks to get the scores after the test. That way, your children can start planning their college admission schedules on time.   

How to Prepare for it?

There are many ways to get ready for the test: books, online courses or studying independently. A good idea is to look for tutoring that will assess the academic strengths and weakness of your children, plus it will show them a few tricks to answer the exam efficiently.

This test is crucial in your children’s future and its importance can’t be overstated. Fortunately, you can always do something to support them. Ask your children what’s the best way you can help them and start preparing for this exam.


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