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Keeping your children learning this summer vacation doesn’t mean they have to just sit down daily to study math or reading. There are so many fun and summery activities they can do to keep their brains active. The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX brings you some ideas to say goodbye to homework and hello to fun summer times. Plan a day trip together. Give a few affordable options to your children and let them decide which place you will go to. They will have to calculate all the expenses involved and also how much time they will spend in each activity. Remind them it’s their job to plan what they will eat too! Now that we are on the eating subject, why don’t you get them into the kitchen? Websites such as Cooking With Kids have children-friendly recipes. They have measurements, safety tips, and suggestions on how to get your children really involved. When you cook, you also use math and your creativity… a great workout for the brain. To finish your day, you can have a campfire or night story telling session. Each person involved has to make up their own story for the group. They may write it or simply narrate it. It is not necessary to actually have a campfire, getting together around a candle or even a flashlight will do!

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