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We are right in the middle of the summer and by now your children are probably enjoying their free time to the maximum: outdoor activities, waking up late and spending time with friends. That’s great, but you should also worry about keeping their academic skills in shape so they are ready for the next school year.

At The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, we know the impact that being a good reader has on the academic success of students. For this reason, we have a few tips to get your children to grab a book during this vacation! 

Visit the Library

Remember that some libraries have summer programs, where you can enroll your children. Also, visit the library with your children and let them explore it! They should be able to choose their own books according to their hobbies and interests. If you are feeling a bit lost, ask the librarian for recommendations.


Make sure to show interest in what your children are reading; asking them about their favorite chapter or character will not only encourage your children to read, but it will also trigger the interaction with their book. 

Be a Role Model

Take a book and read in front of your children, remember that they will copy all of your behaviors. It’s that easy! Have plenty of magazines and books around the house. You can also set a reading hour, where the whole family gathers to enjoy their own book. 

Reading is the best way to expand vocabulary, understand written arguments and comprehend ideas.These abilities that will be demanded in every classroom, especially in college. 

Another thing you can do to improve the academic achievement of your children is summer tutoring. Remember that The Tutoring Center offers a free diagnostic assessment to know the strengths and weaknesses of your children! That way, we can develop and improve the abilities they need to become great students!

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