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As the summer heat rolls in, students prepare for months of fun in the sun and a break from daily school routines. While your child may be excited to have some months away from the classroom, summer doesn’t mean they should put all academics aside. The summer is great time to encourage your child to pick up some books and get in the habit of reading. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land has some suggestions that can help you motivate your child to read all summer long.

Set the example

Your children look up to you and take note of what they see you’re doing so make sure they see you reading. Whether you decide to read the newspaper over breakfast or curl up on the couch with a novel make sure you show your child the importance you place on reading. Making time to read together is a great way to get your child motivated to read. Spending time together with a book and sharing ideas and opinions about what you’re reading will increase your child’s interest. If you’re planning a trip this summer, pack some books to read on the way to your destination. Remember that a book is a great companion at the beach or even when lounging at home.

Make it fun

Your child should understand that reading doesn’t have to be strictly academic. Encourage your child to pick out books that interest them and that they can have fun with. Your child doesn’t necessarily have to read novels, allow them to mix it up and read magazines or graphic novels that catch their attention. Create fun activities that relate to what they’re reading. For example, if they’re reading a book about baseball, take them out to a baseball game. You can also have movie nights and watch the film versions of books they read.

Sign up for a summer reading program

Most public libraries have summer reading programs focused on getting kids into the habit reading. Take your child to your local library and sign them up. If you or child don’t have a library card, the summer is a great time to get one. Summer reading programs usually have a rewards system based on how many books are read. Check out the rewards with your child to get them motivated to participate. Let your child explore the library and choose books that fall within their interest. Pick some books out for yourself so you can both become more motivated readers this summer.

The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land helps students improve their grades by developing the skills necessary to grow in an academic environment. The one-on-one tutoring sessions make it easier to target specific areas your child needs help with. We offer programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation. Contact us at 281 980 1242 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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