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 The debate as to whether parents should allow their children to use technology, though rather new, has become a rather opinionated one. Though we do not wish to get into the debate today, as that is certainly up to the parent to decide, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land would like to provide you with a list of ways you can view technology as a benefit to your child’s learning and growth.

Improves Language Skills

The use of technology does not just mean using it for games. Remember that there are story reading apps as well as books that you can get online for your children, some of which are interactive. A way to get your child more excited about reading may just be by putting the book on an electronic device. You can even use reading apps, flash cards, and picture dictionaries found online to help teach your child to read.

Increases Hand-Eye Coordination

By using applications where your child must locate something on the screen and follow it from one place to another, or better yet move it from one place to another, you can expect that his or her hand-eye coordination will improve. This skill is essential for a child who is beginning school.

Heightens Visual Attention Skills

In order for your child to complete a game well, he or she is going to need to pay close visual attention to the gaming world that lies ahead. In order to complete a level in the game of choice, tasks need to be completed in which your child will be responsible for finding certain objects and observing the surroundings. Of course some games provide more educational play than others, so you as a parent should be selective.

Bolsters School Readiness

The use of technology that bolsters your child’s readiness for school can be found in the form of educational applications and computer games. Looking for games that will help your child develop math and reading skills at an early age will be beneficial. As we do live in a technological society, it is most likely that your child will be using technology from the beginning of his or her education. You’ll find that exposing your child to technology earlier will help him or her be more prepared for the technological advances of education.

Whether you decide to use technology as a way to help stimulate your child’s development is certainly up to you, and there are definitely technology free ways you can accomplish the same tasks. Whatever you decide, remember to also incorporate these time management tips to help prepare your child. When it comes down to your child’s academics, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help your child reach ultimate success. For tutoring in Sugar Land be sure to contact us to see how we can best serve your child, (281) 980-1242.


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