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Stress is a powerful and natural emotion that can prepare us to face any challenge, as it increases our performance and motivation. However, being unable to control it can have a negative impact in our health. 

Feeling overwhelmed before an test is a common problem among students, fortunately there certain things you can do to lessen this situation. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, we prepared the following post containing useful ideas on handling test anxiety. 

How to Identify it?

Every person has a unique way to show stress, however there are a few signs your children may present before, during and even after their exam. If your children show mood swings, can’t sleep during night or are unable to concentrate, they may be stressed about their upcoming test. 


Your children have to make excellent use of their time in order to prepare for their test, as preparation is crucial. Create a study schedule and assign enough time for each study session this will help to enhance your children’s confidence. Don’t forget creating a study space at home, that will set the right learning condition. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle also plays an important role, so make sure your children are eating and sleeping right. 

During the Exam

Your children should arrive early on the day of the exam and avoid talking to other classmates that can get them nervous. They should also read the instructions and keep a positive attitude. Learning a breathing technique can help to relax them in case they get nervous during the test.  

Previous bad experiences and lack of preparation are the most common causes of this problem, however these simple tips can change your children���s frame of mind towards tests. Also, be sure to read our guide on preparing for the SAT

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