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A noun is a word that is used to name something. It can be anything, as long as it needs or has a name, it is a noun. For example, a noun can be used in the following way: Sue, Joe, and, Billy went to Amsterdam and stayed up all night. There is no specific sentence pattern for a noun because it can appear before the verb and after the verb as a subject or object. Some words even function as both a noun and a verb without any change in spelling. It all depends on the context in which the word is used. Take the word color for example. Color as a noun: I love your dress, the color is beautiful! Color as a verb: I'm going to color this picture!

Types of Nouns

Abstract Nouns Abstract nouns refer to ideas, emotions, ideas and concepts, and other things that you can't physically interact with. Example: His love of books was unmeasurable. Collective Nouns Collective nouns refer to a group. It can be either singular or plural. Example: The team enjoyed their financial success. Common Nouns Common nouns refer to general things instead of specific examples. Example: The cameras all flashed at the same time.

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