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Time Management Tips to Teach Your Student

As students get older, their workload and commitments tend to get more demanding. If your child is struggling to keep up with all of their commitments, they may just need to develop better time management skills. To help them do this, check out these time management tips from The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land.

Keep a Daily Planner

If your child is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of commitments they have or if they're having trouble keeping track of everything on their plate, a daily planner can help. Teach your child to keep track of daily activities, such as daily homework assignments, as well as more long term commitments, such as upcoming tests or sports games, in their planner. Not only will this ensure they never forget about a commitment again, it can also help them plan their days better.

Create a Routine

Although routines may be considered boring, they are a great help when it comes to managing time. If your child just can't seem to get out the door in the morning without being in a rush, help them plan out a morning routine so that they never leave in a hurry again. An after school routine can help them get their homework done quickly so that they have more time in the evening for other activities. Keep in mind that routines take time to adjust to, so don't give up!

Set Realistic Expectations

Finally, sometimes students do have too much on their plate. If needed, encourage your child to drop at least one activity that isn't a priority. This can help them have a bit more time and energy to focus on the activities and commitments that matter most.

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