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Easy Ways to Combat Test Stress

Tests can be very stressful and anxiety-inducing for many students. If your child often gets overwhelmed just by the idea of a test, it can be helpful to teach them some tips to reduce these negative feelings.

Make Time to Study

An easy way for your child to feel less stressed about an upcoming test is to learn the material thoroughly. If they don't already, they should make time to study every day after school. Doing daily revisions of their lessons will help them stick better, ensuring that they're prepared for any test that comes along. It's also a good idea to break the procrastination and cramming habits as these can lead to even more stress.

Practice Healthy Habits

It may not sound like it, but instilling healthy habits in your child can help them cope with school stress better. Think of it this way, when your child gets the right amount of sleep, they're more alert in class. This means they can focus and will absorb the lesson better. This will make it easier to recall the information and be better prepared for a test. Similarly, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy can also help them stay focused in class and pay attention to the teacher. All of this can add up to an easier time studying and preparing for class.

Slow Down

Your child may feel nervous during a test, causing them to speed up. Instead, your child should slow down and make sure they have read the directions carefully. Misunderstanding the directions or a problem can lead to the wrong answers simply because they missed something important. It's also important that they slow down when answering questions so that they can avoid small mistakes.

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