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How to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

Summer is a great time for your child to take a break from the stresses of school, but keeping their minds active will help stop the summer slide. Also known as the summer brain drain, the summer slide is the loss of knowledge that students may experience if they don't exercise their brain over the summer months. One way to keep the summer slide at bay is by encouraging your child to read during their months away from school. The Tutoring Center near Sugar Land has some tips to help you get your child reading this summer.

Understand Your Child's Reading Needs

For parents of reluctant readers, getting a child to read anything can be a huge victory. However, it's important that your child also engages in reading that is at their appropriate reading level. For help understanding your child's reading level, contact your child's teacher before summer break starts. Ask the teacher about your child's reading level and ask for a list of books they can tackle this summer. Most teachers will be happy to help you since a child who reads over the summer will be more prepared once the new school year rolls around.

Visit the Local Library

A great way to get a child to enjoy reading, even a reluctant reader, is by allowing them to choose their reading material. Pushing a book on your child that they're not interested in will make reading feel like a punishment or a chore. Instead, take your child to the local library and allow them to browse the selection of books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, and movies available. Allowing them to pick items that interest them will make reading more fun and enjoyable. While you're at the library, be sure to pick up some items for yourself.

Read With Your Child

Setting the right reading example at home can make a huge difference in your child's reading habits. Instead of turning on the television or spending your free time on social media, pick up a book, magazine, or newspaper to read with your child. Schedule a daily reading time when you and your child can get together and read. You can take turns reading a book together or sit together and read silently. Whatever you choose, setting this reading example will help your child make a habit of reading daily. To encourage your child to continue learning this summer, head over to The Tutoring Center near Sugar Land! Check out our academic programs and choose the one that best fits your child's needs. To find the best tutoring classes and homework help around, give us a call at (281) 980- 1242!

Take Your Reading on the Road

If you're taking a trip this summer, reading can be still be included in your plans. No matter where you're going, pack some reading material before you head out the door. If you're taking a road trip with the family, listening to audio books on the road can be a lot of fun. You can stop the book periodically and take turns predicting what will happen next. Trips to the beach, lake, or to visit family also provide a great time to read.

Set Summer Reading Goals

To help your child feel more encouraged to read, sit down together in early summer and set some reading goals. These goals can be weekly, monthly, or even for the whole summer. Create a chart you can hang on your refrigerator to track your child's progress. No matter what the activity, most people feel more encouraged when they can see their progress. To provide even more encouragement, offer incentives every time a goal is met. For more fun and friendly competition, have other members of your family join in with their own reading goals.

Create a Reading Journal

A reading journal is a great way to encourage not only reading, but also writing practice. To get your child excited about journaling, allow them to pick out a journal and decorate it as they please. Decide with your child how often they should be writing in their journal and provide some prompts to guide them. Things to include in their reading journal are the names of the books they read, reflections about the book, opinions about the way a story pans out, and book reports once a book is completed.

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