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What Causes Procrastination and How to Stop It

If your child procrastinates often, you know just how stressful this can be. To help your child overcome their procrastination, get to know what may be causing it and how to combat it.

Not Knowing How to Complete a Task

If your child has been assigned a task but they don't have the skills needed to complete it, they will likely put off getting started until they absolutely must complete the assignment. Most children have trouble asking for help from the teacher because they're afraid they'll look dumb in front of their friends. Encourage your child to get in the habit of asking questions and asking for help when they need it. Let them know that this is not a bad sign but rather an opportunity for growth and improvement. It may also help to let your child know that they may not be the only student who doesn't understand the assignment, other students may be scared to ask for help as well. Once your child understands how to tackle the work and has the skills to do it, they won't hesitate to get started.

Low Motivation

A lack of motivation is a common culprit when it comes to procrastination, especially if the assignment your child has to complete is part of their least favorite class or subject. To help your child get started, let them know that they probably won't suddenly feel a stroke of motivation, so it's best just to get it over with and move onto something more exciting. When it comes to unpleasant tasks, the motivation won't strike until you get started, so in reality, the hardest part is deciding to do it.

Being Overwhelmed by an Assignment

A difficult assignment that is long and comprised of many parts can intimidate any student, even if it really isn't hard to do. Help your child get over the fear of tackling a large assignment by helping them break down one big task into smaller, easier to complete parts. Break down the assignment and turn it into a to-do list that your child doesn't feel intimidated by. To make things easier, spread out these smaller tasks over a few days if they have a longer time to complete the assignment. The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX can help your child develop better study skills and overcome their procrastination. Give them a call at (281) 980- 1242 to find out more about their academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.

Fear of Failure

Being afraid of doing something wrong or trying really hard and not getting the desired outcome will stop many people from doing something. Some students feel like if they don't try and fail they're better off than if they tried and failed because they at least have an excuse for their less than satisfactory result. However, this negative approach isn't a good way to take on anything. If your child is afraid to fail, talk to them about being positive and believing in their abilities. Let them know that the outcome won't always be perfect, but no one expects perfection on everything. If they do try hard and don't succeed, they at least have a better idea of where they stand and what areas they need to improve on for next time.

Tiredness and Fatigue

A student that is tired, hungry, or agitated likely won't have the energy or focus needed to get started on an assignment and will end up procrastinating. To help your child, be sure they're eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and away from distractions when completing homework. If your child is getting distracted very easily, figure out what changes need to be made in order for them to concentrate more effectively. Don't forget to allow your child to take breaks from their studying in order to fight fatigue. Taking a short walk, playing with a pet, or even taking a nap can help get their focus back and productivity at its best.

Not Being Challenged Enough

A student who is bored and isn't being challenged won't be motivated to do their work. If you notice your child isn't completing assignments because they're too easy and boring, encourage them to get through those first before moving onto another subject that is challenging. Although they won't suddenly develop an interest in the subject, doing those assignments first will help them get their least favorite out of the way first.

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