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Get Your Child to Do Their Homework Right Away

Although you may want your child to get to work on their homework as soon as they get home, the opposite may actually happen. If your child is staying up late in order to complete homework because they procrastinated, use these tips to help them overcome this.

Create a Timeline

To ensure your child stays on track, it's important to create a list of tasks to complete. This list should be organized in order of importance and give estimated time limits for each task. Your child will stay accountable because of the list of tasks while also completing them in a more timely manner to complete their timeline.

Set Rewards for Completion

To keep your child motivated to complete their work set some simple rewards for when they finish. This doesn't have to be anything big like a new toy either. Stick to simple incentives that will interest them but that won't be a bribe. A nice treat, some television time, or time to play video games will be sufficient.

Create the Right Environment

Finally, to ensure they don't waste time while doing their homework, remove all the distractions from their work area. They will likely finish faster if they leave their cellphone and other electronics in another room. The same should be done with other distracting items. This will help them finish faster so that they have more free time after doing homework.

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