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How to Fight Back Against Homework Procrastination

It's not uncommon for students to put off completing their homework after a long day of classes. This, however, doesn't work out well. In fact, students can put their homework off until so late in the evening that it cuts into their sleep time and results in messy work. To prevent this from happening, use these tips.

Create a Plan

If your child has a plan of attack for their homework, it will be much harder for them to get distracted and end up procrastinating. Before they start doing their work in a random order, get organized with a to-do list. This will ensure your child doesn't forget a single assignment and that they don't lose focus by trying to remember what other work they need to get done. Another perk of a to-do list is that as your child ticks of completed assignments, they'll see their progress and stay motivated to continue working.

Set a Timer

Getting work done isn't just about sitting at a desk until it's all complete. In fact, working long hours without a single break can lead to reduced productivity and wasted time. Instead, set a timer to remind your child to take breaks from their work every so often. Short ten minute breaks will allow your child to recharge so that they can get back to work with a clear and alert mind.

Get Rid of Distractions

If your child doesn't want to do the work in front of them, getting distracted will be easy for them. To prevent distractions from getting in the way of them completing their homework, work to remove these from their workspace. Physical distractions, like your child's phone, can easily be removed and set aside until after their homework is complete. Other distractions, like hunger or fatigue, may be tougher to catch, so pay attention to your child's attitude. Once these are identified, they'll be much easier to eliminate.

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