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How to Prepare Your Child for College This Summer

Help your child make the most of their summer by encouraging them to use their free time to prepare for college applications.

Gather Their Accomplishments

Universities definitely look at students' grades and test scores, but that's not all they consider when reviewing applications. Admissions offices also focus on the activities a student has participated in and the leadership positions they have held. For this reason, it's important that your child gathers a list of the extracurricular activities they have participated in, including sports, arts, clubs, volunteer work, and even after school or summer jobs. If they held any leadership positions in any of these, such as the editor of the school newspaper or class president, highlighting their role as a leader. This list will be important because it will show what their passions are and that they are committed to what they are studying.

Narrow Down College Choices

There are many ways to narrow down your child's college choices. Sit down with them and ask them questions that will help them get close to pinpointing what schools they will apply to. Start by asking what they plan to major in. This will help them find schools that are recognized in that field. Other things to take into consideration are whether your child wants to stay close to home, if they want to attend a large school or a small one, how important is Greek life, and what values they are looking for on campus. All of this will help narrow down their list of schools.

Prepare for College Entrance Exams

Your child may have a hard time studying for college entrance exams during the school year because they have so much going on. If they have more free time during the summer, encourage them to use it wisely. They can enroll in a summer tutoring program focused on preparing for the SAT or ACT so that they can reach their desired score.

Tutoring in Sugar Land TX

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