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How to Prepare for College During Summer Break

If your child is getting ready to attend college this fall, they may still have some things to get done. From deadlines to dorm shopping, use these tips to get your child prepared for the start of their college career.

Meet Important Deadlines

During the summer before college, it's likely that your child will still have paperwork to fill out and deadlines to meet. To ensure your child doesn't miss a single one, create a calendar that will make it easier to keep track of them all. This calendar should also include things like their registration day, orientation date, and move-in day.

Get Some Work Done

If your child discovers they have summer homework after registering for classes, encourage them to start this early. Finishing it early will help them feel less stressed and more confident on their first days of class. Help your child find the books and tools they need to finish this all in a timely manner.

Prepare for Dorm Life

Moving into dorms can be exciting, and shopping for their new space can be just as exciting. Encourage your child to connect with their new roommate so that they can decide what items they'll need and then head on a shopping trip with your child.

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