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Get to Know the Summer Slide and Some Tips to Help Prevent It

Even if you aren't sure what the summer slide is, chances are you've at least heard the term mentioned. Although it sounds like a fun summertime activity, it actually refers to a summer learning loss that affects many students each year. The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX has some information that can help you learn more about the summer slide and how to prevent it this summer break.

What is the Summer Slide?

The summer slide is also commonly known as the summer brain drain or summer learning loss. These terms refer to the potential students have to lose important knowledge they learned during the school year while on summer break. This trouble arises when students put their academics completely on rest during the months they are out of school. By not putting to use or practicing the knowledge they've acquired during the school year, students will begin to see a decline in their academics. Your child doesn't have to be constantly studying in order to hold onto their school lessons this summer, but simple practice and keeping the brain active will help them retain their lessons.

Effects of the Summer Slide

The summer slide can affect your child's academic performance in just about any subject. By not giving academics enough practice over the summer, a child can lose reading levels, fall behind in their writing abilities, and even forget necessary math terms. Once the school year starts up again, a child who has lost knowledge over the summer break will struggle to keep up with new lessons. Most teachers will have to lose valuable classroom time reteaching old lessons in order to ensure students are able to keep up and continue building on their knowledge. Although all students in all grade levels are at risk of losing knowledge over the summer, low-income students with minimal access to educational resources are more at risk.

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

To reduce the effects of the summer slide or prevent it altogether, think of the brain as a muscle. In order to retain its muscle mass and continue growing, it needs to be exercised. Encourage your child to practice their school lessons this summer and enroll them in fun and enriching activities that will ensure they will gain new knowledge instead of losing the knowledge they spent all school year acquiring. To prevent the effects of the summer slide, contact The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX. Our academic programs are sure to fit your child's needs. To find the best tutoring classes and homework help around, give us a call at (281) 980- 1242!

Activities That Can Help Reduce the Summer Learning Loss

To help you engage your child's brain this summer break and prevent a summer learning loss, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX.

Learning While on Vacation

Even if your family is heading out on vacation this summer, there are still ways you can help your child retain their school lessons while having fun. Have your child practice their math abilities by giving them a daily allowance while on vacation. Dealing with money will test them on their addition and subtraction skills as well as their budgeting abilities. If you go abroad, they will have to figure out conversion rates before spending their allowance. This means division skills will be put to the test.

Sign Up for a Summer Reading Program

Summer reading is a great way to ensure your child's brain stays active while also allowing them to participate in a fun activity. Most libraries host summer reading programs that provide incentives that encourage children to read. Remember that setting the right example at home also makes a huge difference. Instead of watching television during your downtime, pick up a book, magazine, or newspaper and show your child the importance of reading.

Daily Academic Practice

Putting your child's brain to work doesn't mean strenuous daily study time. There are simple, everyday interactions that can be used to put your child's knowledge to use. A shopping trip to the mall can be used to get your child practicing math abilities. A simple way to practice percentages is by looking for items that are on sale and having your child calculate what their final price is. You can also have them estimate the final price once you reach the checkout counter. Something as simple as this can keep their math skills sharp.

Sign Up for Summer Tutoring in Sugar Land TX

Another great way to prevent the summer slide is by signing your child up for summer tutoring classes. To find the best learning center in Sugar Land, look no further than The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX. Our tutors will ensure that your child's brain stays active all summer long. Give us a call at (281) 980- 1242 for more information about our tutoring programs and to schedule your free consultation.


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