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The Importance of Summer Reading Practice

Did you know that not reading over the summer can cause a regression in reading levels? This is one of the dangers of the summer slide caused by not staying academically active during summer break. To help your child hold onto their lessons and continue growing during their break, use these summer reading tips.

Set Reading Goals

Just like with any other project in life, it helps to set reachable and measurable goals for your child to achieve. Working towards a concrete goal not only gives your child something to aim for, it can also help keep them motivated. Make their progress visual by creating a fill-in chart that they can color in as they get closer to their goal. You can include the family in this so that it can turn into a friendly competition.

Reading as a Reward

Many students may not enjoy reading because it is often used as a punishment. Instead of forcing your child to read during a time-out or because of bad behavior, turn it into something fun. Make time to read together daily and have it turn into your bonding time. You can also give your child books and other reading material as gifts or rewards. These rewards should be focused on something they enjoy, like graphic novels or the next book in a series they're reading.

Look for Summer Reading Programs

It can be difficult for parents who work to also monitor how much their child is reading. Luckily, many local libraries host summer reading programs that help children have a productive summer. These programs encourage students to read by giving them incentives and prizes once they read a certain amount of books. Encourage your child to participate and allow them to pick out the books they read to make it even more enjoyable for them.

Reading Tutoring in Sugar Land TX

If your child could use more reading help this summer, enroll them in an academic program at The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX. Learn about how summer turning can help your child have a successful school year by giving their learning center a call at (281) 980- 1242.


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