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Nowadays, it's common to see a lot of disregard for spelling and its rules. However, if you'd like your child to communicate effectively through the written word, you need to teach them to spell correctly. For this reason, in this post you'll find a few tips on how you can help your child work on this important academic skill.

How to Improve in Spelling

Motivate Them to Read and Write

Reading and writing are fun activities for your child to engage in over the break. Through them, they'll develop a few academic skills, such as grammar, vocabulary and, of course, spelling.

Give Them a Dictionary

A dictionary can be an undeniably helpful tool if you want your child to improve in spelling. Moreover, it will give them a chance to learn new words and through them, understand the world a bit better.

Use Mnemonic Devices for the Rules

Spelling correctly can be complicated because there are a lot of rules to follow. If your child has a challenging time with this, mnemonics -such as rhymes and songs- can help them retain the information.

Have Them Write a Spelling Log

Your child should also keep a spelling log to improve this academic skill. In it, they can write down the words that they find especially tricky so they can practice them.

Give Them Worksheets

Another way to help your child work on their spelling skills is to give them practice sheets for them to complete. You can find a few online suited to their age and level.

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